The company

ELKA is a new company with its main emphasis being placed on its ability to adapt itself to market changes. The company is engaged in the manufacture of light engineering products, with all products being subject to strict European and global quality standards.

ELKA is part of the SITNO HOLDING group of companies, being its first subsidiary corporation. The company is situated at the highest altitude of the road through the Kremnica Mountains, five kilometres from the historical mining centre Kremnica and less than 800 metres from the geographic centre of Europe, the St. John's Church in the village of Kremnické Bane.


ELKA was established in May 2000 but its history actually goes back as far as 1966 when the Kremnica mining plant began to produce light steel structures in the premises of the unused Anna shaft. In 1969, the plant started in a newly-built hall to perform chrome-plating of connecting material and other components. However, due to unfavourable marketing conditions, steel structures and chrome-plating were no longer produced. In 1970, the Rudné Bane Kremnica plant built the foundation stone for the production of electric accumulating furnaces and other electric heating devices, the production licence for which had been purchased from the Belgian company ACEC. High-quality accumulation furnaces made their presence felt, both on the domestic market and abroad. The plant did not neglect their innovation and introduced the manufacture of new types of furnaces and electric convectors of its own design. In 1991, the engineering operation became independent. The last name of the former company was PROMET.

Production and specialisation

The manufacture of electric oil-filled radiators, dryers and radiant heaters, mainly for Scandinavian, French and Japanese markets, represents the lion's share of production. Next, the company is specialising in sheet products with its own surface finish, especially office furniture and accessories. For sheet working, eccentric presses and press brakes are used. In the manufacture of samples and smaller series, the company has a CNC punching centre, together with a CNC press brake. Technological capabilities of the company are expanded by technologies of resistance welding and with welding in protective atmosphere and submerged-arc welding with hard brass solderer. For improving the quality and finalising the products, the company utilises the coating machine for powder colour application (according to RAL scale).

The ELKA company is the member of SITNO HOLDING group.